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Why I use period pants

My name is Ann, I live in Jersey, fondly referred to as The Rock.. three years in a row, I have prepared to take on the challenge of walking round the island in one day TMF Island Walk 77KM.

Two years unavoidable activities have fallen on the day of the challenge. This year is special, I have purposed to push all my limits. Nothing will stop me from walking. Not even period cramps.

You see as a woman I do have a cycle, every 28 days my body resets, and I get my period. Tomorrow race day will be my day 1, the day of cramps and heavy bleeding. Am I worried? Not at all, I am sure to sail comfortably through the day protected by Liberty Period Care Heavy Flow Period Pants my go to are the soft high cut pants that fit snuggly with no leaks or odours. Best of all, they can serve for over 6 hours without needing a change. However I will make a change at St John’s stopover, it’s a hot day and I will be changing into lighter outfit.

I cannot help but wonder how my fellow female walkers who May happen to the on their period will be managing? Tampons? Cups? Pads? Tampons and pads are one time use, you must dash to the next stop to change. .. the friction as you walk is unbearable..

cups yes reusable, but picture this, on a hot day with over 1800 people walking (yes I know the number I was the 1808th person to register), so at least 1800 people using the 4 or 5 toilets per stopover, do you want to use that toilet, clean your cup and reuse it? It gives me a meh feeling..

So if your sister/woman is walking, meet her at her finish line and send her this link to get a comfortable pair of period pants.

Let me know your preferred period products


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