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Let us know within a day of purchase so the order can be cancelled before it is shipped.

Please email if you would like to cancel your order.


If you change your mind after we have shipped your purchase, you can cancel your purchase at any time up to 7 working days after the day of delivery. To do this, Please e-mail us at  You do not have to give any reason for cancellation. However, a brief explanation will help us to improve the service we offer to customers in the future.


If you cancel, you must return the goods to us at your own expense. You must ensure that the goods are packaged adequately to protect against damage. If you fail to return the goods, we will collect them, and we will charge you the direct cost of collection. If you fail to take reasonable care of the goods before they are returned to us, and this results in damage or deterioration, we will charge you for the reduction in value.

After cancellation process has been concluded, you will receive a credit of the full amount paid including shipping cost to your account within 5-7 business days, subject to how long your method of payment takes to process the cancellation.

Please refer to our return policy for return guidelines.

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