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Period pants performance testing with extreme sports

I'm Ann, and I take immense pride in successfully finishing the TMF 77k Round the Island Challenge. This arduous undertaking occurs in Jersey Channel Islands, encompassing the entire coastline and its cliff paths. More than half of the coastline is dominated by steep cliffs, which means a significant portion of the time is spent ascending and descending these challenging hills.

Interestingly, the day of the challenge coincided with the first day of my menstrual cycle. Typically, on this day, many women experience cramps and the heaviest bleeding, which gradually subsides until the last day of the cycle.

Now, you might be curious about how my first day of menstruation unfolded during the walk. Well, let me share my experience. I began the challenge at 3 am, wearing a pair of Soft High Cut Heavy Flow period pants, which provided excellent protection for a continuous period of 7 hours until I reached the station closest to the halfway mark, Les Fontaine. I didn't experience any leaks or chafing.

Upon reaching the halfway point, I changed into another pair of Soft High Cut Heavy Flow period pants and fresh running gear. I stowed the used set in a waterproof bag from Liberty Period Care for cleaning and reuse. It would have been a great relief to have a cold shower at this station, nevertheless, I was fortunate enough to receive a much-needed hip massage to relieve the beginning of an ache. Surprisingly, I didn't experience any cramps, or perhaps the act of walking had numbed the sensation. However, my flow remained heavy.

Now, let me emphasize that the challenge itself is undeniably brutal. Despite being labeled as a moderate challenge, the statistics from 2018 and 2016 indicate that less than 60% of participants completed the race. Personally, I would categorize it as nothing short of brutal. If it weren't for my unwavering trust in the performance of period pants from Liberty Period Care, I might not have been able to complete it. Throughout the challenge, I felt completely comfortable, free from worries about leaks, chafing, or any sensation of being wet.

I completed my walk in 20 hours and I only used 2 pairs of heavy flow period pants which I consider excellent performance! Thank you Liberty Period Care.


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