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Cyclical Living ✨🌍🌱...

We are raised in a culture that is always on the go, with high pressures to perform in all aspects of our lives.

A few studies suggest, that listening to our inner cycles can tell us when to best rest, start projects, socialise, and bring things to completion.

The Four Phases ✨

❄️ 1. Menstrual (Winter, New Moon): rest, reflect, recharge

🌸 2. Follicular (Spring, Waxing Moon): creative brainstorming, planning, initiating

🦋 3. Ovulation (Summer, Full Moon): communicating, pitching, collaboration

🍁 4. Luteal (Autumn, Waning Moon): details, completing things, focus

What are your thoughts? Do you use cyclical living and track your cycle? Let us know in the comments below!

“When we let our bodies guide our work, we get more done in less time, and more importantly, we don’t burn out and our creativity goes through the roof. Working in this way has helped me and the women I work with honour our seasons and cycles with our work instead of pushing through and making ourselves sick and miserable.”


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