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All you need to know about Period Pants

Are you a pad user? Then you should definitely try period pants, the environment, health and pocket friendly equivalent to disposable pads. What are period pants and how do they work? Period panties work the same way as regular underwear does but they have an absorbent gusset that soaks up the blood and locks it away. The gusset consists of an absorbent material that holds between one to 6 tampons’ worth of flow, a moisture barrier to keep you comfortable, and a layer designed to prevent any leaks or staining. Some are designed to have an absorbent crotch while others are designed to have the absorbent layer covering all the front and back offering the ultimate period protection. How to use period panties Pull up like regular pants and go! It's as simple as that. For some pants that have a "pocket" where you can put reusable pads, insert the pads and go about your day! They can be used for normal day wear, sleep or even exercise. Special pants are available for swimming. How many pairs do I need? For an average 4-5 day cycle, 7 pairs should be plenty. When out and about, carry a wet bag with one clean pair that you will simply swap with the used one. Ordinarily the pants should feel dry as the blood is locked away. If you notice a wet feeling, then you probably need to change. As the blood gets locked away in the pant, changing should not be a messy affair compared to tampons or cups. How to clean

  • When you take them off, give them a quick rinse and then chuck them in with your next load of darks wash on 30C setting. Then hang them to dry.

  • Hand-wash them in the sink with a little bit of normal soap

  • When you're in the shower pop them on the floor and squash them around with your feet.

To get a long life out of the pants, put them in a laundry bag before putting them in the washer, do not add fabric softener as this will impact their absorbency, and do not tumble dry them. Heat could potentially damage layers binding. Key specs

  • Range of absorbencies: Most pants can be used for light, medium, heavy flows

  • Protection: Pants offer protection for between 4 to 8 hours, an equivalent of 2 to 6 tampons! Your choice!

  • Material: Materials used range from recycled nylon, spandex, bamboo, sheep wool, cotton, polyester and elastin etc

  • Sizes: They range in size from S to 4XL, some manufacturers offer two sizes, while others offer a wider selection of sizes

  • Machine washable: Almost all the panties reviewed are machine washable.

  • Easy and efficient to wear on the go and “less leak more discreet” is our is our slogan.


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